Different types of toy guns for kids

The sight of children playing with toys that are supposed to imitate common firearms is nothing unusual. Pretending to be superheroes is the favorite game of many kids and for the youngest, these superheroes are not only Batman and Jedi Knights, but also policemen and cowboys.

This is great because playing while pretending to be someone else is a very effective way of boosting the child’s imagination skills. If they play in a group, it will also increase the kids’ social skills. And all that running around with toys guns in hands is also bound to boost their athletic skills. As you can see, playing make-believe with toy guns has many benefits for children’s mental and physical development.

Having a quality toy gun adds the necessary realism and makes the children want to play more and more. Sure, in the worst case scenarios even a simple tree branch that has been cut to the right length can be used to pretend it’s a machine gun but unfortunately, most children will be quick to discard such ‘toys’.

Different kinds of toy guns can be made of various materials, with some that are bright and colorful and some that are more real-looking. You can find reviews of many toys, not only toy guns, on the Noble Rate website. Here we will introduce some of the basic types of toy guns.

Water guns

Water guns are perhaps one of the least harmful types of toy guns because their only projectile is water. This makes water guns suitable even for the smallest children. Water guns use various mechanisms to shoot jets of water and they need to be filled with liquid before playing. Some have very simple designs and look like small handguns but you can also find large elaborate water guns with a big pump that will shoot out massive amounts of water. Water guns are generally very cheap and are a great toy to use on hot summer days.

Nerf guns

Nerf guns, also referred to as Nerf blasters, are one of the most commonly-used plastic toy guns out there. They work by shooting ammunition made from special foam. Those projectiles most often are shaped like darts. If you are new to the world of Nerf, first check out what the best nerf gun is. Remember that while Nerf guns are children’s toys and as such, have passed all the safety guidelines, an ignorant user can still harm someone by misusing the toy. If you plan on buying a Nerf gun for your kid, make sure that they understand the basic safety precautions. Teach them to avoid aiming at people’s faces and not to shoot people (and animals) that are not playing the game.

Prop guns

Prop guns and similar model guns are not supposed to have anything shoot out of them and are to be used solely for imagination plays. They can still be a great toy gun, especially if you buy your kid something from their favorite movie or video game, but they won’t shoot any projectiles.

What kind of person is suited to raising a Pitbull

Raising a Pitbull is very rewarding but you should know that it can also be demanding. Not everyone has the time and the capabilities required to raise this specific dog breed and you should carefully consider all the factors before you choose to adopt a Pitbull. Read this quick checklist to see if you have what it takes to become a responsible Pitbull owner.

You can provide your Pitbull with the attention it needs

Pitbulls don’t need a lot of grooming as they don’t shed a lot of hair and their short fur doesn’t require regular brushing. But they do need attention from their owners.

Pitbulls are a very playful dog breed that likes to jump around and play. They are especially playful with other people even if it’s someone they have never met before. But if left alone they can grow resentful towards their owner. Caring for your Pitbull is not that difficult but they will require your attention.

You should also take the time to train your Pitbull properly. You need to be able to control it to avoid your pet jumping on random people on the street, even if it’s in a playful manner. To find out more about how to train your new dog, read these Pitbull training tips.

You have enough free time to give it the exercise it needs

Pitbulls need at least an hour of exercise each day. For best results, you should walk it twice a day for at least 45 minutes each session. Otherwise, they will grow restless because of the pent up energy. Being outside not only keeps your Pitbull physically healthy, but it is also very important for mental health. All the new sceneries and smells are very exciting for Pitbulls while also acting as a great source of mental stimulation.

Pitbulls that do not get enough exercise tend to act out and might even destroy items at home. They are not made to be lying down all day, they need to move around. Some Pitbulls might even attempt to escape outside because being in the same environment for a long time is making them very unhappy.

You might be apprehensive about keeping your Pitbull in a small apartment but the truth is that as long as you provide it with enough exercise it should not be a problem.

You are looking for a loyal companion

When cared for, Pitbulls make great companions. They are extremely protective of their owner and will stay by their side no matter what. Pitbulls love spending time with people, especially people they have bonded with, and are a very affectionate dog breed. Expect a lot of hugs and kisses from your Pitbull.

They are also relatively easy to train and will do anything to please their owner. By gaining the trust of your Pitbull you also earn a friend for a lifetime.

Glue Gun- Your Essential DIY Tool

Are you an aspiring do-it-yourself person and want to complete your necessary toolbox? Or want to expand on your arts and crafts skills? In this case, a glue gun is your missing mystery object. If you’re not quite sure what a glue gun does, this tool can bind almost any object you can think of. For instance, the souvenirs you see on the stalls by the seaside are all glued together with such a gun. But the variety of material goes further than shells and kitsch clocks. Thus, you can use it on wood, glass, metal, fabric, and many more!

Before you proceed to buy your personal glue gun, there are a few factors o take into consideration.

For instance, the temperature of the glue is an important note to take into account. Before you choose a gun that may deliver a higher temperature, think of the material you want to use it on. For fragile fabrics, it would be more suitable a gun with a temperature of fewer than 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

As far as power goes, the more watts your device has, the sooner it warms the glue. Thus, a powerful glue gun means rapid work.

Regarding the size of the model, if you want to create more detailed pieces of work, a lighter and smaller gun would be easier to work with. Yet the variety of sizes is quite vast, so there’s no chance you wouldn’t find something for your taste.  After all, you could supply yourself with a glue gun Walmart and find out it works just fine.

Top 5 Picks To Choose The Suitable Glue Gun 

Here we provide you with our top glue gun alternatives that may suit your expectancies.

1. Attican Mini Craft Gun 

At a reasonable budget, this model is both easy-to-handle and enduring. You shall expect to wait between 3 and 5 minutes for the glue to get to the proper temperature, which is not a bad time at all. Moreover, its compact, lightweight design allows you a facile control, regardless of your crafts skills.

2. Blusmart 54953 

With 100 watts of power, the Blusmart glue gun performs great action on a wide array of materials. You can use it for professional duties or simply for home arts and crafts. Although slightly costlier, this model is long-lasting, effective, and suitable for any project.

3. Surebonder Pro 

This premium glue gun is the perfect match for a professional who wants somewhat more functions. Thus, the model provides adjustment of the temperature, a detachable wire stand, two heat-resistant nozzles, and many more!

4. Cobiz Gun Kit 

You can expect from this glue gun to reach the proper temperatures in no longer than three minutes. This marvelous performance is accompanied by an easy-to-handle, ergonomic design, and an adjustable watts power.

5. Crenova Kit 

The Crenova hot glue gun provides quick heating action. You can apply the glue to a versatile range of materials, such as wood, plastic, glass, and even electronics. What’s more, the product comes with fifty glue sticks and a 12-month warranty.

Hypoallergenic Deodorants – Here’s What You Should Know

Hypoallergenic Deodorants

Men, how often do you shave your armpits? Oooh yeah…there you go again buddy, I am not interested in your private life so you don’t have to answer this. But seriously keeping your armpits odorless gives you confidence.

Why do you Need Deodorants?

Classically women are the one who was much concerned with cosmetics. However, the 21st century has witnessed more and more men appreciate the use of cosmetics. In the United States, cosmetics companies are daily mushrooming everywhere with most of them specializing in the production of deodorants for men.

Despite having dozens of deodorants brands on the market today these sweet-smelling substances are all meant to solve one problem; getting rid of unpleasant body odors.

Do all People who use Deodorants have an Unpleasant Body Smells?

This sounds gross… yeah I know, however the answer is a YES and a NO

A continuous bacterial breakdown under our arms causes our armpits to produce an unpleasant smell especially if you don’t wash your armpits thoroughly. If your daily job involves intense physical exercise then the rate of bacterial breakdown increases hence making the smell stronger.

According to research most people who use deodorants hardly have body smell. The study suggests that most deodorant users just want to have that sweet smell.

However, there are some unlucky guys who genuinely use these smell enhancers because they naturally have an unpleasant body smell.

How do know that you’re Prone to Deodorant Related Allergy?

Most people never realize that they are having a deodorant related allergy until when it is too late. If you are having a rash, itching effect under your arms then start thinking of buying an allergy-free deodorant.

What are Hypoallergenic Deodorants?

Despite having a sweet attractive smell not all deodorants are good for you especially if you have a sensitive skin.

Having a deodorant sensitive skin, however, does not mean that you will spend the rest of your life a captive of your own smell. Help is on the way…read on and know the special package we have for you.

A special type of deodorant commonly referred to hypoallergenic deodorant popular among skin sensitive individuals is your ultimate tool when it comes to fending off your body odor. It is precisely manufactured with the right proportion of naturally occurring ingredients to give an amazing fragrance with hardly any side effects.

What is Special about these Allergy-Free Deodorants?

Unlike other classic deodorants which are loaded with tons of allergic aluminum products, hypoallergenic deodorants are safe and manufactured from naturally occurring mineral salts which are less likely to cause allergy.

Does a Hypoallergenic Deodorant Protect your Skin?

Apart from enhancing your body smell hypoallergenic deodorants offer something that other non-allergic deodorants don’t. A product of naturally occurring salts this product gives ultimate protection to your skin.

Potassium alum is a key ingredient when manufacturing any non-allergic substances and with its bigger molecules, it is impossible for your skin to absorb it.

potassium molecules plays a major role in providing your skin with a layer of tightly packed molecules making it impossible for foreign elements penetrating your skin.

So using hypoallergenic deodorants not only gives you a pleasant smell but also gives you an additional layer of armor which protects your skin from lethal U.V lays.

How to Use

Consider applying this deodorant when your skin is damp from a fresh bath. This allows the potassium molecules to sit and pack tightly on your skin for day long fragrance.

Four Versace Perfumes Your Woman Will Love

The brand of Medusa is here to stay for a long time. The Versace brand was formed forty years ago and the Italian fashion brand is making a difference in the world of luxury. We will let you know about four perfumes from this brand that will make your girlfriend happy.

Versace Woman

Versace Woman

Versace Woman

Versace Woman is an amazing fragrance that your girlfriend will love right away. The scent has so many great things for you to enjoy that we don’t know where to start. Well, we will let you know what Versace Woman has in store for your girl. Even a 14-year old girl can wear this scent without any hassle, and that’s just the beginning. This sweet scent will allow you to get tons of compliments right away, which is pretty good for anyone out there too. The Versace Woman truly smells great, and your woman will love it in no time.

Versace Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal

Versace Bright Crystal is the perfect gift for your spouse, and that’s just the beginning. We will let you know why this perfume is such a great gift for any woman out there. The vigorous scent is just perfect for summer wear, and a young lady will adore this perfume right away too. The is not an overpowering scent, and the bottle also looks gorgeous at first sight. Your woman will have a blast when she puts her hands on Versace Bright Crystal today. This is not an exaggeration but a reality based on facts.

Versace Eros

Versace Eros

Versace Eros

Versace Eros is the perfect fragrance for any contemporary woman out there. This floral woody scent is just awesome, and your woman will adore it too. This is the feminine, voluptuous perfume that any woman will adore. Versace Eros is a crisp, sensual, and bright scent that your girlfriend will love. It also has some notes of pomegranate accords, Calabrian bergamot, and Sicilian lemon. Versace Eros also smells incredible, and that will allow a woman to get a lot of confidence right away. The bottle of the Versace Eros is just gorgeous, and you will love eyeing it.

Versace Versense

Versace Versense

Versace Versense

Versace Versense looks terrific, and you will love this scent. This is the authentic Versace that you have been waiting for these days, which is truly awesome. Your girl will love Versace Versense right away because it is such a great perfume. You will receive a lot of compliments right away, which is just the beginning of the fun. The Versace Versense is also sold at a nice price, and you will truly adore this fact. The smell of Versace Versense is incredible, and your girl will be pleased with this outstanding, beautiful gift at all times too.

Remember that these Versace perfumes can make any woman happy. They understand that these perfumes are top-tier items, and they will react accordingly. Any woman wants to have these items on their desktops, and you can give them what they want if you purchase some of these products right away. Therefore, purchase one of these items today so you can make your woman happy right away.


COFFEE VS CAPPUCCINNO – The ultimate coffee battle.

Both coffee and cappuccino are world renowned drinks with refined tastes that most people cannot resist early in the morning. Both are rejuvenating drinks, that no other drinks can replace their value in your diet. A closer review shows there are unequalled aspects between the two.

Even though both are extremely well made, coffee is a generic term that can be refer any drink as long as it consists of roasted coffee beans, while cappuccino is a drink blended with brewed coffee beans using hot milk or cream. Both have a slight diversion in preparation but both derivations of ingredients are from coffee bean, in order to produce the finest coffee flavoured drink.

More Coffee Drinks

More Coffee Drinks

The meaning of coffee emanated from the Arabic qahwah meaning hunger while the term cappuccino emerged from Latin word caputin meaning hooded. Coffee originated from Arabia and cappuccino first came from Vienna or Italian. Coffee comes directly from coffee beans, commonly used are the Arabica type of coffee which are of higher quality, they are then roasted.

The aroma will depend on the roasting process of each coffee bean. Cappuccino on the other hand, is produced by a machine pressing roasted coffee beans a process known as espresso, with steamed milk added in the process by placing the cold milk on the wand. To give a truly appetizing taste, with pleasant and delicious savor, cappuccino should be added cinnamon or powdered chocolate, while normally coffee is not added any toppings but some powdered chocolate, cream, milk froth or cinnamon can push the boundaries of an ordinary coffee to exceptional coffee.

Both coffee and cappuccino have caffeine but vary depending on the type of coffee and the process used to preparing them. Caffeine is responsible for stimulation when you drink either coffee or cappuccino. The caffeine might help you shed calories but it can also increase you stress level due to stimulation and thus makes you to increase your food intake. The proper way to avoid such conditions is to take coffee and cappuccino in moderation.

Moderation might be a comprehensive word unless you determine your own maximum level of intake you will be exclusive in level of your intake. It is healthy to take 2.5 mg of caffeine per kilogram of your body. While the two have almost the same amount of caffeine and it’s hard to differentiate, cappuccino has slightly higher due to the process of pressing roasted beans by the machine making it to have a higher density of caffeine.

When choosing coffee beans for coffee preparation or cappuccino process, one must make the first class choice of taking the most quality coffee. Organic whole bean coffee is incomparable type among all others. Don’t choose coffee that has been excessively sprayed by pesticides to avoid getting toxic chemicals in your body.

The number one tip is to ensure you make the right option, is to verify and buy only the certified coffee beans. After buying coffee, the most amazing and healthy way to drink is to first grind it and do not let it stay for a long duration after grinding. This may take nutritional value from them. If brewing, make sure you are using fresh milk to make your cappuccino.

We recommend you check out the following lists:

Buying the Right Scuba Diving Masks

Scuba diving masks are sometimes referred to as scuba diving goggles, which is considered incorrect because goggles are mostly used for swimming, flying and other working applications for eye protection. The scuba diving mask does more than this and this will be much clearer later. When you intend to purchase a scuba diving mask, you might get overwhelmed with the many brands that you might encounter and the many options at your disposal.

In order to be sure to make the best decision as you choose a scuba diving masks, there are a couple of fundamental factors that you should consider. It will mostly come down to your personal preferences and shape of your face, but you should always ensure you get the best quality. Here are a couple of factors to take into account when buying a good scuba diving mask.

scuba diving

scuba diving

Comfort and Fit of the Mask

A scuba diving mask that does not fit your face correctly and comfortably is more likely to work against you while you are under water, creating a big challenge for you. To overcome this, the diving masks are made in a wide variety, ranging from small to big sizes so as to cater for the needs of the wide variety of scuba divers. To determine if a scuba diving mask fits correctly, place the snorkel or regulator inside your mouth. Now, put the mask on your face without pulling the strap around your head.

Breath in through your nose and hold breath for a while. Stop holding the mask and let go. If it still stays on your face, it is a good fit. If not, you will have to look for another one. Facial hair may affect the seal that is created by the mask. To overcome this you may have to apply a small amount of silicone compound to the facial hair before trying to fit the scuba diving mask.


scuba diving mask

scuba diving mask

This is very important as you choose your scuba diving mask. If you suffer from mild near or far-sightedness, you may not be in need of corrective vision options available. This is because objects that are under water tend to appear approximately 33% larger and 25% closer than they actually are. However if your sight suffers from far more than mild near or far-sightedness, you will have to consider taking corrective options. Scuba diving masks come in a wide variety of lens options ranging from single lens to six-lens designs.

Despite the number of lens you need, do not purchase diving masks if their lenses are cloudy. This is mainly because visual flaws and impairments tend to be magnified when one is under water. As you try to determine the number of lenses you need, take into account the profile of the mask. The higher the profile of the mask, the more likely it is to allow a large amount of water in case of flooding. A lower profile mask is likely to clear faster than a high profile one because it has less space for the water to be cleared.

Safety of the Diving Masks

When standards glass is used to make the diving masks, there is a very high possibility for the of the glass shattering into razor sharp shards that are very hazardous to your eyes. Tempered glass on the other hand is much more resistant to scratches and has a less likelihood to break under water. This is because high of the impurities present in it. Another advantage is that when it breaks, it shatters into granular chunks rather than jagged shards.

Difference between Swimming Goggles and Scuba Diving Masks

In the definition of the two terms lies the first difference. The swimming goggles are referred to as large spectacles equipped with special rims to prevent injury to the eyes from water whereas a scuba diving mask are defined as an item of diving equipment that allows scuba divers to see clearly under water. This shows a difference in the primary purpose of the two. Another difference is that swimming goggles seal against only the inner and outer parts of the eye sockets while the scuba diving mask includes the wearer’s nose.

Scuba divers are subject to a lot of pressure as they go deeper and the masks which keep the nose enclosed help equalize the pressure as the divers can add more air into the mask. Swimmers on the other hand do not experience this because they tend to stay closer to the water surface and lift their faces out of the water so as to get a breath of air. This means swimming goggles cannot be used in scuba diving.

Example of Good Scuba Diving Masks

  • Outad Diving Mask

The outad diving mask is a good option because of its high quality features. It has standard tempered glass that are essentially there for the wearer’s safety. It has a design that includes a soft skirt and strap that fits on a wide variety of faces and at the same time creating a water tight seal. It also comes with a built-in camera mount to enable the wearer to shoot videos. It is flexible as it can also be used for swimming.

  • Speedo Adult Recreation Dive Mask

This product is ergonomic as it offers high quality dive mask for an affordable price. It has 100% silicon skirt that ensures comfort as the wearer puts it on and at the same time providing a water tight seal. It has its own trademark Speed fit that works to ensure that to make it easier for the wearer to make quick adjustments. It also has an exclusive Speedo Anti Fog Max coating that gives great clarity under and above water.

7 Coolest Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Gamer Boyfriend

It might be the fact that you are looking for Valentine gift ideas for your boyfriend. A well thought out gift will definitely be an awesome approach to showcase your affection as well as interest for your partner. In case your man loves gaming, here are the top 7 Valentine gift ideas for your gamer boyfriend.

1. Gaming chair

gaming chair

gaming chair

A gaming chair is absolutely imperative for a gamer and is rated very highly for all the features it offers. It is very important for a gaming enthusiast to stay comfortable particularly when he’s playing some mind-boggling games and requires repeated endeavors to get it right. You will come across a wide array of gaming chairs in different colors and some even include movable arms.

2. Gaming headset

gaming headset

gaming headset

Although you’ll find an unending collection of headsets available in various styles as well as price ranges, it is imperative to make certain that the headset you select is compatible with the console used by your boyfriend. For instance, it will be prudent to purchase a headset from a particular company in case he uses only one console manufactured by that company. Otherwise, you may opt for third-party headsets if he uses multiple consoles.

3. Google Play

Google Play

Google Play

In case your boyfriend happens to be an Android user, there is no need for you to worry too much regarding finding the perfect gift for him on Valentine’s Day. Being an Android user, your partner should be a regular at the Google Play store. Although he might be able to download lots of games for free, a true gamer will not want to play a game which is free of charge. With your assistance, your boyfriend will be able to enjoy these games on his gadget and he simply needs a Google Play gift card from you.

He can download all these games which he desired to play before using the gift card. This is no doubt a very thoughtful present since he is going to have access to the entire Google Play store where he can download just about anything using the gift card. In fact, it will be possible for him to download numerous apps and use them for productivity and entertainment. Apart from checking out a vast array of available e-books, he can also enjoy his favorite television shows.

4. iTunes



The fourth gift idea in this list will be an iTunes gift card for your boyfriend using which he can purchase the best games available in the app store. As we have mentioned earlier, the best games are those which are purchased. With the help of this gift card, your partner will be able to pack his iPhone with the most popular games on the market which will keep him occupied for quite a while. The same gift card can also be utilized to enjoy everything which Apple has to offer. By downloading movies, apps, songs as well as books, your boyfriend can easily convert his Apple gadget into a comprehensive entertainment center.

5. A gaming laptop under 500

gaming laptop

gaming laptop

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that gaming can be a lot of fun across all platforms and a gaming laptop under 500 will be an awesome gift for your gamer boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. Apart from being affordable, these laptops are also portable and extremely powerful devices. You will find lots of different gaming laptops under 500 on the market as well. Don’t be fooled by their price tag, because you can find great budget laptops.

6. Gaming TV

gaming tv

gaming tv

Gaming TVs play a crucial role when it comes to getting the best gaming experience. All modern games require a television which will be able to display fast action flawlessly as well as promptly in response to the input from the controller. Moreover, it is going to be a lot of fun to play games on a big screen and your boyfriend is surely going to love it. It is suggested to look for a gaming TV having a low input lag which is the delay in the time it takes you to press a button on the keyboard, mouse, or controller, and when it is actually displayed.

7. Gaming mouse/keyboard/gamepad

gaming gear

gaming gear

At present the majority of the gaming buffs own a gaming rig so powerful that it is almost impossible to purchase anything more sophisticated. However, even in this situation there should be some gifts that you can present to your gamer boyfriend. Think of gaming controllers such as gaming mouse, gaming keyboards or joysticks. There is something unique about each of these models on the market which will definitely impress your partner. Although these are probably the cheapest entry in this particular list, they will nevertheless make some memorable gifts for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Why a HDTV Antenna is Much Superior Compared to a Regular Outdoor TV Antenna

Although a television antenna is your easiest and quickest route to free TV, you still have to find the right one among the many options in the market. Everybody craves for best performance which includes high quality pictures and sound.

While the regular outdoor TV antennas have many limitations, they do have some advantages. Here are some of them:

(1) Money saving

These antennas simply receive free TV. You don’t need to pay monthly subscription fees to receive channels as is the case with cable or satellite.

(2) Peace of mind

While most of the other antenna types lose their signal during bad weather, this is hardly the case with the regular outdoor antenna. It is also not really affected by power blackouts.

(3) Extra channels

This only applies only in cases where you are situated near more than one TV market and capture signals from some or all of them. As far as the antenna can receive the extra channels, you have an advantage.


Despite the above advantages, you cannot ignore the fact that a regular outdoor TV antenna has a lot of limitations. Its hit and miss nature means that if you fasten it to the roof without checking the signal quality of all channels, you could end up having to settle for dreadful pictures and sound until you fix it.

In cases where you are surrounded by tall buildings, getting a clear signal can also be a challenge.

HDTV antennas

While antenna positioning was the most important factor in the bygone era, the evolution of technology has seen new types of antennas enter the scene. These new antennas come with many enticing features and advantages.

While the performance of early standard antennas was mostly hit and miss, the new high definition antennas offer improved resolution, better signal reception and a much higher picture quality. This explains the big shift to HDTV antennas.

outdoor hdtv antenna

outdoor hdtv antenna

Here are some of the advantages of using HDTV antennas over the regular outdoor antennas:

(1) No noise or ghosting

Since the communication is in a digital format, it’s either you get a good signal or you don’t get a signal at all. That’s the great thing about digital signals.

(2) Uncompressed signals

HDTV outdoor antennas receive uncompressed signals as well as top picture quality in pretty much the same way as the broadcasting stations distribute them. This means that there is no compromise in terms of quality of resolution.

(3) Signal amplification

HDTV antennas also have built-in signal amplification technology in addition to the external technology. This amplification gives you enhanced picture quality and stronger signals. Amplification also means noise-free reception.

(4) Signal stability

HDTV antennas resolve the problem of signal disruption during bad weather. Similarly, in case of a power blackout, the antenna continues uninterrupted as a single charge can go for nearly two hours. This definitely gives you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about your favorite program being suddenly interrupted.

Bottom line

Although there is really no magic antenna, HDTV antennas are, by far, superior to their regular outdoor counterparts. Their superior signal reception and higher resolution pictures make television watching a truly enjoyable experience. You can also boost the signal strength by adding an additional amplifier.