Different types of toy guns for kids

The sight of children playing with toys that are supposed to imitate common firearms is nothing unusual. Pretending to be superheroes is the favorite game of many kids and for the youngest, these superheroes are not only Batman and Jedi Knights, but also policemen and cowboys.

This is great because playing while pretending to be someone else is a very effective way of boosting the child’s imagination skills. If they play in a group, it will also increase the kids’ social skills. And all that running around with toys guns in hands is also bound to boost their athletic skills. As you can see, playing make-believe with toy guns has many benefits for children’s mental and physical development.

Having a quality toy gun adds the necessary realism and makes the children want to play more and more. Sure, in the worst case scenarios even a simple tree branch that has been cut to the right length can be used to pretend it’s a machine gun but unfortunately, most children will be quick to discard such ‘toys’.

Different kinds of toy guns can be made of various materials, with some that are bright and colorful and some that are more real-looking. You can find reviews of many toys, not only toy guns, on the Noble Rate website. Here we will introduce some of the basic types of toy guns.

Water guns

Water guns are perhaps one of the least harmful types of toy guns because their only projectile is water. This makes water guns suitable even for the smallest children. Water guns use various mechanisms to shoot jets of water and they need to be filled with liquid before playing. Some have very simple designs and look like small handguns but you can also find large elaborate water guns with a big pump that will shoot out massive amounts of water. Water guns are generally very cheap and are a great toy to use on hot summer days.

Nerf guns

Nerf guns, also referred to as Nerf blasters, are one of the most commonly-used plastic toy guns out there. They work by shooting ammunition made from special foam. Those projectiles most often are shaped like darts. If you are new to the world of Nerf, first check out what the best nerf gun is. Remember that while Nerf guns are children’s toys and as such, have passed all the safety guidelines, an ignorant user can still harm someone by misusing the toy. If you plan on buying a Nerf gun for your kid, make sure that they understand the basic safety precautions. Teach them to avoid aiming at people’s faces and not to shoot people (and animals) that are not playing the game.

Prop guns

Prop guns and similar model guns are not supposed to have anything shoot out of them and are to be used solely for imagination plays. They can still be a great toy gun, especially if you buy your kid something from their favorite movie or video game, but they won’t shoot any projectiles.