Glue Gun- Your Essential DIY Tool

Are you an aspiring do-it-yourself person and want to complete your necessary toolbox? Or want to expand on your arts and crafts skills? In this case, a glue gun is your missing mystery object. If you’re not quite sure what a glue gun does, this tool can bind almost any object you can think of. For instance, the souvenirs you see on the stalls by the seaside are all glued together with such a gun. But the variety of material goes further than shells and kitsch clocks. Thus, you can use it on wood, glass, metal, fabric, and many more!

Before you proceed to buy your personal glue gun, there are a few factors o take into consideration.

For instance, the temperature of the glue is an important note to take into account. Before you choose a gun that may deliver a higher temperature, think of the material you want to use it on. For fragile fabrics, it would be more suitable a gun with a temperature of fewer than 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

As far as power goes, the more watts your device has, the sooner it warms the glue. Thus, a powerful glue gun means rapid work.

Regarding the size of the model, if you want to create more detailed pieces of work, a lighter and smaller gun would be easier to work with. Yet the variety of sizes is quite vast, so there’s no chance you wouldn’t find something for your taste.  After all, you could supply yourself with a glue gun Walmart and find out it works just fine.

Top 5 Picks To Choose The Suitable Glue Gun 

Here we provide you with our top glue gun alternatives that may suit your expectancies.

1. Attican Mini Craft Gun 

At a reasonable budget, this model is both easy-to-handle and enduring. You shall expect to wait between 3 and 5 minutes for the glue to get to the proper temperature, which is not a bad time at all. Moreover, its compact, lightweight design allows you a facile control, regardless of your crafts skills.

2. Blusmart 54953 

With 100 watts of power, the Blusmart glue gun performs great action on a wide array of materials. You can use it for professional duties or simply for home arts and crafts. Although slightly costlier, this model is long-lasting, effective, and suitable for any project.

3. Surebonder Pro 

This premium glue gun is the perfect match for a professional who wants somewhat more functions. Thus, the model provides adjustment of the temperature, a detachable wire stand, two heat-resistant nozzles, and many more!

4. Cobiz Gun Kit 

You can expect from this glue gun to reach the proper temperatures in no longer than three minutes. This marvelous performance is accompanied by an easy-to-handle, ergonomic design, and an adjustable watts power.

5. Crenova Kit 

The Crenova hot glue gun provides quick heating action. You can apply the glue to a versatile range of materials, such as wood, plastic, glass, and even electronics. What’s more, the product comes with fifty glue sticks and a 12-month warranty.