What kind of person is suited to raising a Pitbull

Raising a Pitbull is very rewarding but you should know that it can also be demanding. Not everyone has the time and the capabilities required to raise this specific dog breed and you should carefully consider all the factors before you choose to adopt a Pitbull. Read this quick checklist to see if you have what it takes to become a responsible Pitbull owner.

You can provide your Pitbull with the attention it needs

Pitbulls don’t need a lot of grooming as they don’t shed a lot of hair and their short fur doesn’t require regular brushing. But they do need attention from their owners.

Pitbulls are a very playful dog breed that likes to jump around and play. They are especially playful with other people even if it’s someone they have never met before. But if left alone they can grow resentful towards their owner. Caring for your Pitbull is not that difficult but they will require your attention.

You should also take the time to train your Pitbull properly. You need to be able to control it to avoid your pet jumping on random people on the street, even if it’s in a playful manner. To find out more about how to train your new dog, read these Pitbull training tips.

You have enough free time to give it the exercise it needs

Pitbulls need at least an hour of exercise each day. For best results, you should walk it twice a day for at least 45 minutes each session. Otherwise, they will grow restless because of the pent up energy. Being outside not only keeps your Pitbull physically healthy, but it is also very important for mental health. All the new sceneries and smells are very exciting for Pitbulls while also acting as a great source of mental stimulation.

Pitbulls that do not get enough exercise tend to act out and might even destroy items at home. They are not made to be lying down all day, they need to move around. Some Pitbulls might even attempt to escape outside because being in the same environment for a long time is making them very unhappy.

You might be apprehensive about keeping your Pitbull in a small apartment but the truth is that as long as you provide it with enough exercise it should not be a problem.

You are looking for a loyal companion

When cared for, Pitbulls make great companions. They are extremely protective of their owner and will stay by their side no matter what. Pitbulls love spending time with people, especially people they have bonded with, and are a very affectionate dog breed. Expect a lot of hugs and kisses from your Pitbull.

They are also relatively easy to train and will do anything to please their owner. By gaining the trust of your Pitbull you also earn a friend for a lifetime.