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COFFEE VS CAPPUCCINNO – The ultimate coffee battle.

Both coffee and cappuccino are world renowned drinks with refined tastes that most people cannot resist early in the morning. Both are rejuvenating drinks, that no other drinks can replace their value in your diet. A closer review shows there are unequalled aspects between the two.

Even though both are extremely well made, coffee is a generic term that can be refer any drink as long as it consists of roasted coffee beans, while cappuccino is a drink blended with brewed coffee beans using hot milk or cream. Both have a slight diversion in preparation but both derivations of ingredients are from coffee bean, in order to produce the finest coffee flavoured drink.

More Coffee Drinks

More Coffee Drinks

The meaning of coffee emanated from the Arabic qahwah meaning hunger while the term cappuccino emerged from Latin word caputin meaning hooded. Coffee originated from Arabia and cappuccino first came from Vienna or Italian. Coffee comes directly from coffee beans, commonly used are the Arabica type of coffee which are of higher quality, they are then roasted.

The aroma will depend on the roasting process of each coffee bean. Cappuccino on the other hand, is produced by a machine pressing roasted coffee beans a process known as espresso, with steamed milk added in the process by placing the cold milk on the wand. To give a truly appetizing taste, with pleasant and delicious savor, cappuccino should be added cinnamon or powdered chocolate, while normally coffee is not added any toppings but some powdered chocolate, cream, milk froth or cinnamon can push the boundaries of an ordinary coffee to exceptional coffee.

Both coffee and cappuccino have caffeine but vary depending on the type of coffee and the process used to preparing them. Caffeine is responsible for stimulation when you drink either coffee or cappuccino. The caffeine might help you shed calories but it can also increase you stress level due to stimulation and thus makes you to increase your food intake. The proper way to avoid such conditions is to take coffee and cappuccino in moderation.

Moderation might be a comprehensive word unless you determine your own maximum level of intake you will be exclusive in level of your intake. It is healthy to take 2.5 mg of caffeine per kilogram of your body. While the two have almost the same amount of caffeine and it’s hard to differentiate, cappuccino has slightly higher due to the process of pressing roasted beans by the machine making it to have a higher density of caffeine.

When choosing coffee beans for coffee preparation or cappuccino process, one must make the first class choice of taking the most quality coffee. Organic whole bean coffee is incomparable type among all others. Don’t choose coffee that has been excessively sprayed by pesticides to avoid getting toxic chemicals in your body.

The number one tip is to ensure you make the right option, is to verify and buy only the certified coffee beans. After buying coffee, the most amazing and healthy way to drink is to first grind it and do not let it stay for a long duration after grinding. This may take nutritional value from them. If brewing, make sure you are using fresh milk to make your cappuccino.

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